Best Mini Portable Dishwasher Countertop

Looking for a portable dishwasher??we have got you

This mini dishwasher is everything you want in your kitchen.

Product Description:

Please ensure that there is a gap of more than 19.6 inches between your countertop and the wall cupboard. No installation is required for this mini portable dishwasher. You can manually fill the 5-liter built-in water tank, allowing you to place the dishwasher in any suitable location without the need to connect it to the tap water. Alternatively, it can be connected directly to the kitchen faucet using the provided water hose (which includes an adapter).

Featuring an ultra-compact design, this dishwasher can wash over 30 items at a time, including plates up to 9.5 inches in size. This compact size makes it perfect for small homes, apartments, dorms, boats, campers, and RVs.

With six program options including NORMAL, RAPID, STEAM, FRUIT, GLASS washing programs, and an AIR REFRESH mode for extra drying, this dishwasher caters to all your daily needs. Please note that standard dishwasher powders or detergents should be used, as regular liquid dish soap can cause issues. (No detergent is required for the FRUIT program, and RAPID only requires half the standard quantity.)

For optimal hygiene, the HYGIENE wash cycle raises the water temperature to 162°F during rinsing and up to 192°F, effectively handling heavily soiled dishes. This cycle is also suitable for cleaning baby bottles and children’s dinner sets.

The extra drying and stay-fresh feature, known as AIR REFRESH, effectively removes moisture and odors, leaving your plates and the machine dry and fresh for an extended period. This function is enabled by default, but you can deactivate it if not needed.

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